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Brink of Extinction is a tower defense game set in the ruins of human civilization. You are tasked with protecting strategic resources from the onslaught of insect swarms. Your arsenal consists of 9 different, upgradable turret types, all with different strengths and weaknesses.

This demo features:

  • 4 Levels (3 campaign and 1 continuous mode)
  • 4Turret types
  • 7 Enemy types

Full game will feature:

  • 9 Turret types
  • 13 Enemy types
  • 15 Campaign levels
  • 6 Continuous play levels

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More information

Published 192 days ago
StatusIn development
Tagsbugs, Colorful, Endless, Gore, Post-apocalyptic, Sci-fi, td, Tower Defense
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityOne button

Install instructions

Zip-download: Simply unzip the file and place the game folder on the computer.

Installer: Double click installer, let run and then play the game!


BoE.zip (463 MB)
BoEsetup.exe (378 MB)


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It's quite nice visually but I'd like to be able to move the camera.

Gameplay-wise there is nearly no upgrading while playing the level, which is boring/frustrating when you're used to TD which allow/require you to continuously upgrade towers and/or build new ones :)

Hey, sorry for the late response.

I will see if I can think of a good system for at least some sort of camera movement. :)

The later levels of the game, as well as the endless levels, feature more continuous building and upgrading. The first few levels of the campaign are more introductory in style.